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Spring Forward Slowly

Adjusting to the time change when we "spring forward" can be really hard on you physically and mentally. In fact, the National Institute on Health published a study in 2020 revealing that there is scientific evidence to support that the stress your body endures when the time change does actually cause ill effects for many people. So what can you do to combat these dangers while still living life pretty normally? Check out our tips below:

  • Starting as soon as possible, go to bed 5 minutes early, and continue to do so in increments until the time change takes effect.

  • In conjunction with this, wake up 5 minutes earlier every day as well.

  • Limit Alcohol consumpution on the days leading up to the time change (read about how alcohol effects sleep in this article by The Sleep Foundation).

  • Exercise early every day to help your body get ready for a good nights sleep.

The time change will occur on March 12th this year. If you follow the steps above, easing into this change should be painless.

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