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Pack your bags & escape Covid-19 (at home)!

If you are anything like me, getting away once or twice a year is required for resetting my focus, attitude and overall emotional wellbeing! It's not an excuse, it's science! Travel and Leisure magazine even did a full story on it earlier this year explaining why it's necessary.....but this was all before Covid-19.

With the CDC currently recommending limiting travel to essential outtings, we thought we would share some fun things we've discovered as ways to escape at home!

1. Go on a culinary adventure! Order a cookbook, use an app, google or ask a friend for their favorite regional recipes and let the adventure begin! Our family has been trying themed weeks for our culinary trips and I honestly have to say, I get excited about them!

2. Go there virtually! We have friends that loved our idea for culinary adventures, but they don't cook. They have been dreaming of going back to Italy for years and began researching trips and watching shows about different destinations in Italy (they recommened PBS's show Dream of Italy!). This may not be as good as the real thing, but they swear that it makes them feel less shut-in.

3. Recreate it at home! If you've been dreaming of Tiki bars and Island time, Party City is selling decorations like a tiki hut, coconut cups, and inflatable palm trees and they are offering curb side pick up. With a small budget and a little imagination, you could make a patio/balcony oasis to escape to anytime!

4. Go on a day trip! There are numerous state parks and national parks in Georgia, but there are also some great city and county parks. Check out some highly recommended parks that don't typically get overcrowded, Cochran Mill Park, and Tribble Mill Park. For some state parks that are a close drive and not as crowded, try James H. Floyd State Park or Indian Springs State Park.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you will try something new to change your routine and get the escape you long for!

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