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August 16, 2017

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Back To School Blues? Here's How to Refocus

August 30, 2019

It’s easy to keep your mindset on vacation mode once summer has suddenly come to an end. Staying productive during the day can help you to complete more of your work and become more present in other areas of your life. To get back into your work routine, try a few of these tips to stay focused! 




1. Wake Up at the Same Time

     - Setting your alarm for the same time each morning allows your body to get into a consistent routine. Consider how many hours of sleep your body needs and try to establish a regular sleep schedule. This can improve your energy, alertness and work performance.


2. Organize Your Desk Space

     - If your desk is piled high with papers and objects, it can be crowded and distracting. Reserving a few minutes at the beginning of each day to organize your desk and put every item in its place can help center your mind on the work that needs to be completed.


3. Limit Your Distractions

     - In the age of digital communication, it’s super easy to get distracted by our devices. To prioritize your work, try to limit your phone use during the day. You can turn your phone off, put it on silent mode or set timers for when you want to take a moment to check on a