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Coworking and the work-life balance!

Is one of your resolutions for 2019 to have a better work-life balance? Coworking can help with that! The key to finding that real work-life balance is finding that happy place between a successful career and a satisfying home and personal life. Working from home can sometimes make this even more difficult as the lines between work and home become blurred. This is where coworking really shines! Coworking allows you the flexibility to create your own schedule, to change your office environment as often as you'd like, and the biggie....leave work "at the office" instead of in the other room!

But this isn't where the benefits end. Did you know that one of the greatest ways to improve happiness is through social interactions? According to Psychology Today there is a direct correlation between an individuals feelings of belonging and happiness and their level of social interaction. Just sharing a coffee with a "coworker" or having someone to chat with while warming your lunch can boost your mood, creativity and productivity. The added benefit of a coworking office is that not only do you get this connection easily, but others that share similar hurdles and successes are the ones you can connect with! It's like having a built in networking event every day!

Now, not every coworker is going to attend every social event, or be the office social butterfly, but everyone can get something out of the coworking concept. Simple micro interactions like saying hello, or holding a door for someone helps to boost ones sense of well-being and contributes positively to that all so elusive work-life balance.

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