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Why coworking is right for you!

Are you fortunate enough to have a job that allows you to work from home, where you don't have to worry yourself about what to wear in the morning or leaving early to avoid commuter traffic? Sounds like the perfect situation, and I'm sure there are a lot of people who would want to trade places with you, but nothing is as perfect as it seems. Working from home comes with its fair share of disadvantages, including isolation and distractions.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, consultant, private contractor, or just have a hobby on the side, joining a coworking space can be beneficial to you, and here's why...

1. No Lease

There is no long-term commitment! Most coworking spaces do business on a month-to-month basis. The lack of long-term commitments allows members the freedom to come and go at their convenience. Say you want to test out a coworking space and after a month you realize it just isn't for you, you don't have to worry about breaking a lease or paying additional fees. Many spaces (3411 Coworking in particular) only ask that you give a one week notice prior to when your renewal date would be.

2. Networking Opportunities

Who do you talk to when you're at home? It's safe to assume you are not surrounded by a lot of business professionals while working from home, being that you aren't in a business setting. So how do you expand your network? Maybe by attending networking events here and there, or by asking friends and family to make referrals for you. Joining a coworking community will enable you access to diverse business professionals on a daily basis. You can connect via member networking events, community activities, and simply by working in the same vicinity.

3. No Distractions

The most popular phrase we hear while giving a tour here at 3411 Coworking is, "I typically work from home, but the distractions can be overwhelming at times." Distractions are a nuisance no matter how small, whether its the kids, the dog, your significant other, or even the way your clock ticks. Coworking spaces provide distraction-free environments that help you focus and get the job done.

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