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Why Coworking?

Did you know that the San Francisco Coworking Space at Spiral Muse, founded by Brad Neuberg, was the first coworking space in the United States? From 2005 when the doors first opened, to now, coworking communities have grown at an exponential rate and are forecast to continue to do so. The resonating feeling of wanting to work for yourself while yearning for that sense of community a corporate job provides is what coworking communities fulfill. Aside from "filling a void," there are many other benefits that come with working in coworking spaces, such as:

1. Increased levels of productivity

Most companies exhaust themselves with coming up with methods or incentives that will increase their employee's productivity in the workplace, but couldn't it be the environment that's keeping the employees counterproductive? We'd like to think so! Coworking communities increase productivity through improving work identity, increasing social networks, and through the inspiration that comes from working with entrepreneurs.

In a diverse community where you are one of the only people who does what you do, your work identity strengthens through the value you offer, your capabilities and the products or services you provide. Being able to hone in on your unique skill-set has been proven to strengthen your work identity which will then increase productivity.

Working among entrepreneurs creates an environment of inspiration that can spark new levels of creativity. Examining the work ethic of others can cause you to raise expectations for yourself and venture on new projects you may have never pictured yourself working on. Test your limits!

2. Job Control

I think what people like most about working for themselves is the freedom to work where you want, when you want, and how you want. Having control over the environment of which you choose to work is said to have a direct correlation with productivity, and isn't productivity essential when you are in business for yourself (otherwise, how does anything get done)?!

Different people have different times of when they find themselves most focused and efficient, and some people just aren't morning people, but in coworking spaces that's okay! Coworking communities allow you the luxury of working at your leisure because some spaces grant 24/hr access. Whether you feel most productive in the dead of night or at the crack of dawn, you will be able to come and go as you please to get your work done, which also aids with maintaining a healthy work-life balance. By not having to allocate all of your time to work, you are able to manage how much time you spend working and how much time you spend living your life. Work hard, but play harder!

Have you ever been asked to do a project that you didn’t want to do because you either weren’t interested or didn’t believe in the vision, but you had to do it anyway? Well one of the perks of working for yourself is having control over the projects you take on and being able to collaborate with community mates to bring your vision to life!

3. Lead Generation (Network Expansion)

Surrounding yourself among individuals vested in different career fields and areas of expertise enables you to expand your network and grants the potential of turning your community mates into new clients. Expanding your network is one of the key elements to growing your business and increasing brand awareness. By introducing yourself to one person you are indirectly introducing yourself to their network as well! Also, because most coworking spaces facilitate member events, you wouldn't have to go out to find leads, instead, they'll be brought to you!

4. Low Operating Costs

Not all entrepreneurs or startups are a one man show, some are founded by a team/groups of individuals who may eventually end up seeking a permanent work-space. Investing in office space can be a costly added expense to your newly founded operation, but joining a coworking community would allow you to cut that unnecessary cost due to all that the community provides. General office fees like maintenance, utilities, and staffing to name a few, are expenses that would have to be considered if you chose to rent out office space for your business, however, these costs are already included in the coworking membership fee, not to mention other amenities like coffee, tea, and snacks would be available to you!

Investing in coworking space is a great way to save money and still get the job done!


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