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Can Office Artwork Influence Employee Productivity?

"Can Office Artwork Influence Employee Productivity?" This is the title of a Forbes article I recently read. 3411 Coworking is full of beautiful artwork and unique design features in every room. We love the warm and welcoming vibe in our loft-style industrial space, and we like to believe that like this article says, "it can actually increase employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity." Credit for a lot of our design goes to Micaela at Urban Purpose Design!

From the minute you walk into 3411 Coworking, you're greeted by our friendly owl and mural that fill our entryway and front room. We love this mural so much that we wrote an entire blog post detailing it's creation and the wonderful artists who made it possible.

The Forbes article also states, "The inspiration that one feels upon looking at art unlocks creative potential, helping to generate innovative ideas." We hope that's the feeling fostered in our meeting rooms. Even the acoustic panels used in our main conference room double as a unique and colorful focal point.

We also have art surrounding our dedicated desks and even inside our custom phone booth. The Forbes article says, "By stimulating ideas, promoting feelings of calm, and giving employees something beautiful to look at where they spend the majority of their day, art can truly make a huge difference in employee satisfaction, productivity, and wellbeing." There is nothing we want more for our members than to create an environment that's not only warm and friendly, but also allows them to stimulate their minds and be productive.

*Link to Forbes article -

*Photos by Harwell Photography

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