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A Phone Booth Just For Us

Trust've never used a phone booth quite like ours. We called on local design company Dreamscape Art & Design to create a custom phone booth that fits perfectly in our space. We wanted a phone booth that not only looked amazing in our space but would give people privacy for meetings and phone conversations and fit up to 2 people. Phone booths are important for coworking spaces because sometimes you just need some privacy even though you love your coworkers.

Did we mention that it's huge? 82" wide x 102" high x 48" deep to be exact! Here are some behind the scene photos Dreamscape shared while they were building this structure.

The challenge with the booth didn't stop at designing and building it. It was not an easy feat getting this solid, heavy piece of furniture into our building! The first attempt to bring the phone booth through the loading dock was unsuccessful. No one realized a fork lift would be essential here. The 2nd attempt with the fork lift got the booth in the building, but there was a lot of pushing and pulling to get this 600 plus pound piece in place. Greg Lanternman and his crew used every idea they had to get the booth up the dock, through the doors, and finally into the space.

Complete with custom LED overhead lighting, carpeting, circulation fans, wall outlets with USB, a counter, and a couple of stools, our members are able to make phone calls and even conduct 2 person meetings within the comfort of a private phone booth.

We just love the natural wood mixed with modern design. You would never believe how spacious it feels when you're sitting on the inside. Thank you Greg and Laura from Dreamscape Art and Design for our amazing phone booth!

Come visit us at 3411 Coworking today to tour the space and checkout our custom made booth! You can book a tour here or shoot us an email to let us know when you'll be coming by.

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